Feel the thrill


This year's programme serves up some juicy bites of genre cinema. New productions from Sopon Sukdapisit and Shinya Tsukamoto along with the debut form the film duo Woo Ming Jin and Pierre Andre are on the thriller menu.

Sopon Sukdapisit's horror "Laddaland" is based on a story about a family who moves into a new house where they gradually begin to encounter paranormal events. Highly successful in Thailand, the film won six awards at the Thailand National Film Association Awards.

Another genre proposal is "Seru", the first to date collaboration between Woo Ming Jin and Pierre Andre. Their docu-horror tells a story of a film crew who is shooting a horror in Malaysian forests. Apparently, some crew members are possessed by eveil spirits.

The last title included in the section is "Kotoko" from Shinya Tsukamoto, a cult director best known for his Tetsuo thrilogy. It brings a shocking portrait of a single mother suffering from hallucinations and a powerful performance by the singer Cocco as the leading actress.

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