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Taiwanese cinema is one of the specialities in the Five Flavours' programme. This year the festival brings a uniqe selection of the Taiwanese New Wave titles screened from 16mm prints in Poludnik Zero club along with new productions: "Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale" by Wei Te-sheng, "Return to Burma" by Midi Z and "The Fourth Portrait" by Chung Mong-hong as the closing film.

The fifth edition of Five Flavours was dedicated to Taiwanese cinema, presenting a wide retrospective of Hou Hsiao-hsien works along with a selection of the best Taiwanese New Wave titles and highly acclaimed new productions. This year's edition continues to present Taiwan's cinema in a unique way. With the films screened from 16mm prints, the festival invites for both exciting and sentimental journey to the times of the analogue cinema. The free screenings take place in the festival's club, Poludnik Zero, located in the city centre on 25 Wilcza Street. The programme involves five New Wave titles: "Moonlight Boy" (Yue guang shao nian, 1993) by Yu Wei-yen, "Love is Sweet" (Qing chun wu hui, 1993) by Zhou Yan-zi, "The Story of Pe-li" (1994) by Tan Chou, "Rouge" (Yan zhi, 1995) by Wen Jen as well as "Tropical Fish" (Re dai Yu, 1995) by Chen Yu-hsun. All the films are introduced by Wafa Ghermani, a sinologist and film specialist.


Besides the New Wave specialities, a selection of new titles will be presented in other sections. "Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale" by Wei Te-sheng and "The Fourth Portrait" by Chung Mong-hong as the closing film are included in New Asian Cinema as well as "Return to Burma" by Midi Z in Freedom in Asia.


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