New Asian Cinema


New Asian Cinema presents the latest productions from East and South-East Asia. This year it becomes the Five Flavour's competition. The best title is selected by 13 members of People's Jury.

Two juicy satires on the film industry: "The Woman in the Septic Tank" from Philippines and "Vulgaria" from Hong Kong, ironic and grotesque "Tokyo Playboy Club", uncompromising "Kotoko", animated "The King of Pigs", mysterious and challenging the viewer's imagination "P-047", epic "The Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale", visually sophisticated "Pearls of the Far East", "The Fourth Portrait" as the closing film along with Malaysian box-office hits "Bunohan" and "Songlap". All the titles from East and South-East Asia complete New Asian Cinema section which becomes Five Flavours' competition with the sixth edition of the festival. The best title is selected by People's Jury with non-professionals interested in Asian cinema and culture as the members.

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