Five Flavours On Tour

The 7th edition of Five Flavours Film Festival starts on 4th November, 2013. Besides the Warsaw's edition, this year's programme travels to Wroclaw and a selected location, where interesting film events are rare but local cinema can bring delicious bites of culture to the local audience.
Among the titles included in the tour are "With You Without You" (Sri Lanka, 2012) by Prasanna Vithanage and "Longing for the Rain" (China/ Hong Kong, 2012) by Lina Yang.

With You, Without You

Kino Nowe Horyzonty cinema in Wroclaw hosts selected titles from Warsaw's programme from 8th to 14th November. The Wroclaw's programme focuses primarily on titles from New Asian Cinema and Focus: Hong Kong sections.

On the other hand, to make Asian cinema accessible also outside bigger cultural centres, Five Flavours announced a new film project this year, under the name of Five Flavours On Tour.

The project is dedicated to local cinemas and cultural centres interested in presenting a selection of 7-8 titles included in the programme of this year's festival. Among the films included in the tour programme is Sri Lankan drama "With You, Without You", inspired by Fiodor Dostoyevsky's "A Gentle Creature", and "Longing for the Rain" which explores patriarchal hierarchy in the society of modern China.

The location is chosen by application and it will be announced on 9th September, 2013.

Five Flavours On Tour: Details

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