Freedom in Asia


China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Tibet and Burma are the countries portrayed in the section Freedom in Asia. Presenting Asian perspective of their authors, the films explore current social and political issues.

The Asian perspective tends to bring a image of Asia than in the films realised by Europeans or Americans, often saddled with postcolonial ideas or exaggerated judgements. This attitude is less present in Asian cultures what is easy to observe in the films included in the section.

"Duch, Master of the Forges of Hell" (Cambodia/ France 2011) is a perfect example of such documentary. The latest title from Rithy Panh is a confession of the Comrade Duch (Kaing Guek Eav) who managed the S-21 detention centre and was found guilty of deaths of over 13 thousands people by the Cambodia's UN-backed genocide court.



Two films from Ai Weiwei, one of the most famous Chinese contemporary artists and dissidents, are a special proposal within the section. "So Sorry" (China 2012) refers to his exhibition organised in Haus der Kunst In Munich in 2009. The installation "Remembering", composed of children’s backpacks, was the result of artist’s study on the earthquake in Sichuan. The study was carried out despite the Chinese government discontent, and its results showed uncommonly numerous death cases of schoolchildren. Because of his insubordination, Ai Weiwei was spied on by the undercover agents. Using his camera as a weapon, Ai proceeded to unmask them, which caused even more brutal oppressions from the police.
"Ordos 100" (China 2012), is a clever documentation of Ai Weiwei’s cooperation with Herzog & de Meuron, Swiss architectonic stars, and Cai Jiang, private megalomaniac developer, who wanted to build a luxurious housing estate in the middle of Mongolian desert. This crazy conceptual challenge gathered 100 architects from around the world. Each of them agreed to design a 1000 sq meter house.



In turn, "Return to Burma" (Taiwan/Burma 2011) by Midi Z portrays an immigrant worker from Taiwan returning to his home village in Burma who observes policial and social changes in a small, rural community. The leading actor, Wang Shin-hong, is a special guest of this year's Five Flavours.

The Malaysian title included in Freedom in Asia is "15Malaysia" (2009), a unique anthology film consisting of 15 short films made by 15 Malaysian independent filmmakers who comment on socio-political issues important in their country. The films feature some of the best-known faces in the country, including actors, musicians and top political leaders.



The last title presented in the section is "Tibet in Song" (China 2009). Ngawang Choephel's documentary is a look at the life and struggles of the Tibetan people and their culture told through music. It also follows the process of the ethnographic research made by Ngawang Choephel and his imprisonment by the Chinese authorities as well as the successful wave of international protests to release the author.



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